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Christine Szymanski

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we wrap up another successful school year, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you for your unwavering support and partnership in your child’s education. It has been a joy to watch our students grow, learn and achieve new milestones. Additionally, I want to extend my thanks for the many kind words and gifts that you and the children have shared with our staff this past “Teacher Appreciation Week.” We are truly grateful to be a part of a wonderful community with which we work in partnership for the benefit of all.

As summer approaches, I hope you and your families are looking forward to some well-deserved rest, relaxation, and fun. This is a wonderful time to create lasting memories, explore new interests, and enjoy the simple pleasures of the season.

While summer is a time for relaxation, it's also important to keep our children's minds engaged to prevent the "summer slide." Here are some tips to help maintain your child's academic progress over the break:

1.   Encourage Daily Reading: Set aside a specific time each day for reading. Let your child choose books they are interested in to make reading enjoyable. Visiting the local library can be a fun outing and a great way to discover new books.

2.   Practice Writing: Encourage your child to keep a summer journal. They can write about their daily adventures, trips, or even create their own stories. This not only improves writing skills but also sparks creativity.

3.   Explore Educational Apps and Websites: There are many great resources available that make learning fun. Websites like Khan Academy, ABCmouse, and National Geographic Kids offer interactive and educational activities.

4.   Incorporate Math into Daily Life: Use everyday activities to practice math skills. Cooking together can teach measurements, while shopping can be an opportunity to discuss budgeting and making change.

5.   Get Outside and Explore: Nature walks, trips to the park, and visits to museums or zoos can be educational. Encourage your child to ask questions and explore the world around them.

6.   Play Educational Games: Board games, puzzles, and card games can be both fun and educational. They can help with critical thinking, strategy, and math skills.

7.   Stay Curious and Creative: Encourage your child's natural curiosity by exploring new hobbies, crafts, and science experiments. Websites like Pinterest and YouTube have countless ideas for fun and educational projects.

We look forward to seeing our students return refreshed and ready for another exciting school year. Until then, have a safe, fun, and relaxing summer break!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Christine Szymanski

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